Basic Clinical Skills Online Resources

There are countless online resources on general medicine and clinical skills. These are some that are free to access and we feel may be useful to you. If there are any that you feel we should add to this list please let us know in the comments section below!

Medical clerking and examination: Aimed at final year medical students and foundation doctors this page run by the University of Oxford is free and open access. It covers history, examination, investigation and management of numerous medical syndromes and conditions, as well as a ABG and ECG refresher section.  This presentation from the University of Huddersfield provides an in-depth guide to performing a respiratory assessment and auscultation. This presentation from the University of Huddersfield covers the respiratory assessment of unwell patients including the management of the deteriorating patient. It has a section specifically on coronaviruses and COVID-19 too.

Acid-base balance and ABG interpretation:

These are the websites that may be useful to you for a refresher on acid-base balance and interpretation of ABG’s. They have some examples for you to work through yourself.

ECG’s The ECG section in the Oxford Medical Education webpage is a great place to start, it provides a systematic method for you to learn to read an ECG and also has some examples for you to work through later. After that we suggest you visit the ECG library from Life in the Fast Lane, it has numerous cases and examples for you to work through. There is even a self-assessment at the end if you are feeling brave enough!

Chest X-Rays Radiopedia is a vast radiology reference guide. It also has a specific COVID-19 section.

Assessment of the unwell patient inc. sepsis The Resuscitation Council provides a detailed review of the ABCDE assessment it teaches in its ALS courses across the UK. For more resources, they also have some demo videos you can find on YouTube. We also suggest you look at their guidance on resuscitation of patients with COVID-19 infection. You can find some information on the START assessment in the Royal College of Surgeons website, it is similar to the ABCDE assessment and the videos are worth looking at. The surviving sepsis campaign from the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine has a comprehensive list of their relevant publications including their Sepsis Management Guidelines and the 2016 change in definition papers.  This NEWS-2 online training is free and will help you familiarise yourself with this assessment tool. You will obtain a certificate of completion at the end. e-Learning for Healthcare have an online Sepsis course that is freely accessible, we suggest you focus on the secondary care and adult sections. Public Health England have a wealth of resources on appropriate antibiotic prescribing, this one page PDF document on the SMART guidelines is a good place to start.


The Supported Returning to Training Programme (SuppoRTT) of Health Education England has developed a series of fantastic ongoing webinars on common medical emergencies and interpretation of common medical tests (ECG’s and ABG’s amongst them). They are well worth a look at.

Upcoming live webinars (you usually need to sign up to these up to an hour before they occur) are here:

Freely accessible webinars that have already taken place can be accessed here:

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