Critical Care Resource Masterlist

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Introduction to Covid-19 and ICU

St Emlyns ICU primer for the non-intensivist Blog post and podcast with useful checklists and crib sheets on the basics of ICU management (although it does assume some knowledge if you’ve never worked in ICU before).

EMCrit Covid-19 handbook Brief bullet-point overview of various aspects of Covid-19 management. A good starting point to looking up further resources.

University College Cork basic ICU course Excellent online modules that can be used to supplement E-learning for Health

Association of Anaesthetists webinar: What you need to know on the frontline

LITFL: Mastering Intensive Care A 59 minute podcast for Critical Care novices and a comprehensive summary page at Covid-19 overview 

COVID-19: a synthesis of clinical experience in UK intensive care settings 

Edu Med Youtube channel 

Oldham crash course in ICU management video

General Critical Care


PHE PPE Guidelines Which PPE to wear when, list of aerosol generating procedures

PHE videos on donning and doffing


Safe intubation and airway management

Broome Docs Covid-19 airway management podcast  Podcast with PDF illustration and checklist, discusses safe practice, PPE and minimisation of aerosolization along with human factors.

LITFL 3 step summary to safe intubation Summary page on safely intubating the Covid-19 patient

Airway Management Guidance in COVID-19 from FICM including a podcast and PDF of airway management principles




CDEM vascular access guide Step by step guide to central venous, intraosseous and arterial access with videos (you will need your Athens passwords to access the videos)

Cardiovascular support


Non-invasive ventilation

Experiences from around the world

UK/European Guidelines

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