Basic Clinical skills refresher

The COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented high demand on our healthcare system: particularly in emergency, medical and intensive care departments. These departments require more staff to meet the needs of the increased patient numbers we are already seeing. To respond to this, secondary care organisations have redeployed staff to work in areas outside of their usual practice.

For healthcare workers and clinicians who have not worked in emergency or medicine departments for some time, this section aims to provide a refresher of the basic clinical skills required when seeing a general medical patient.

Medical history and examination

For those requiring a refresher on what not to miss when taking a medical history or examining a patient.

Assessing the unwell patient

A systematic assessment of the unwell  medical patient is crucial. This section includes some management pointers on commonly encountered medical problems.

Sepsis & NEWS 2

A review of the diagnosis, clinical assessment and management of patients with suspected sepsis.


Coming soon.

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